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Your Sales With
Social Commerce

We developed a network of individualized virtual stores for your company to multiply and scale your sales through social commerce.

Empower your employees, clients, and partners to become your capable sellers

Equip your sellers with customized, high-conversion virtual stores

Communicate with sellers and clients through advanced SMS and Email marketing

Offer any of company's products or services to a larger audience

Control everything easily a simple & integrated dashboard

What is UPER?

UPER is a social commerce service that offers high-converting, sale-generating e-commerce platforms for your commercial partners. Here, you and your partnered sellers are fully equipped to advertise and generate sales.

The UPER platform can support, maintain, track, and enhance your ability to make sales through social commerce.

Your possibilities are endless with UPER !

UPER Gives You:

Customized virtual stores, perfectly suited for your exact product or service.

Effortless payment management systems.

Built-in points reward programs for extra sales incentives.

Advanced stock integration via API.

Full setup in less than 30 days.

Our Clients

The Future of your Business

Save Time

Stop chasing clients, and let your sellers close sales for you instead.

Increase Revenue

Generate extra revenue with your well-supported, highly incentivized network of online sellers.

Scale Securely

Enjoy access to our wide range of tech solutions and support, specialized in scaling your business with no complications or tech-related problems.

We’ve designed our approach to education to be as simple and straightforward as possible

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Who Wins With UPER ?


Reach out to a huge swath of your niche’s buyers, and sell as much volume as possible.

Educational Institutions

Network with your students, former students, and educators to market your educational products worldwide.


Establish lucrative connections with a wide range of new customers.

Online Sellers

Supercharge your marketing, and turn out more sales than ever before.


Provide a new sales channel for your franchisees improve their profits.

Your Company

Come find the support your business deserves, to drive extra sales in a new and efficient way.